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Old Coffee Ads part 1 - Jim Henson


I have always loved old coffee ads. Few things express the public understanding of coffee like an ad. You can watch the evolution of coffe in our society simply by watching how it's marketed.

The following ads are a bit of an exception. 

In the late 50s Jim Henson started making 10 second coffee commercials for a D.C. based coffee company called Wilkins.

The ads starred the a muppet named Wilkins, who had a crazed obsession with Wilkins Coffee, and the another muppet named Wontkins, who hated it. Wilkins would often do serious harm to Wontkins in the ads -- blowing him up, stabbing him with a knife, and smashing him with a club, drowning him etc. For a while you could even order vinyl puppets of the characters. Below are a few of the ads. Although you can find even more on youtube.

Wilkins Coffee Ad

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