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Coffee - A new kind of fresh-maker


I've read for years that sucking on a coffee bean will suck the bad odors out of your mouth. Now there is some science to back it up! Tel Aviv University Researchers have found that coffee extract can "inhibit the bacteria" that lead to bad breath! Wow...

I know It works... I use this trick on a regular basis. If I have some funky food or just have plain stinky breath I grab a couple beans from the espresso hopper and suck on them for the next half hour or so. It really works. My main issue is that I still smell like coffee. That isn't a big deal for me but my wife isn't fond of the olfaction reaction.

According to the study the reason Coffee has a reputation for giving bad breath is because it dries out the mouth which creates a perfect breeding ground for bad breath causing agents in milk to have their way inside your mouth. So if you have issues with coffee breath try it black or just get a plain shot! You might just find you enjoy the coffee more that way.

The thing I find most interesting about the study is that they went in with an expectation that coffee would make your mouth smell worse. They found the opposite! I'm always amazed by the ways coffee manages to surprise us after all these years.

Follow this Link for an article on the findings!!

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