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Basic recipes and drinks vol I


So now that we're learning all about coffee I thought it would be nice to take a break and go over some basic drinks with you! Try them all out! ENJOY!

Comments (5)

Hi there.

I work at a coffee shop in Nashville called Crema (crema-coffee.com). Actually, the Drew's Brew that Scot is featuring on his blog today is a sample of the espresso blend that we use! I sent it to him hoping he would like it. All of Drew's coffees are quite remarkable. I especially enjoy his Thick French and Panama blends. I am relatively new to Crema and Drew's coffees, so I am still learning the art of being a barista but totally the coffee snob. :) I lived in Vancouver BC last year and it was very enlightening for me as far as discovering what good coffee tastes like!

When you asked about how I get my coffee, did you mean how I take my personal drinks or how I get beans? I'd hate to make this post any longer before knowing!

Hey it's great to hear from another coffee person out there. I'm mostly interested in equipment and technique. But anything you want to talk about is completely fine. This is my place for all things coffee.

Make posts as long as you like.

This week on my other blog I had to read what seemed like novel sized comments, and I loved it. If I could get people to talk like that about coffee here I would have it made!

The espresso machine we use at Crema is the amazing GB5 (automatic) put out by La Marzocco. We are the only ones in Nashville with this machine.

We brew our coffee with a Bunn and also with the French Press (which is what I myself use at my apartment... I gave up on coffee makers myself)

What about you? Do you work at a shop anywhere? Any favorite beans?

Way too advanced for me! Great info though!

I can usually be found quoting "none of the froofy stuff for me!"

I started roasting my own coffee about a year ago and I don't think I'll ever go back. What a difference

Oh GOD! you have a GB/5!
those are sexy beyond words...

I've played on a couple of them.

I work at 2 shops part time

one is Called the ugly mug
The other is Called the common cup

Check them out sometime.

I work with a synesso 2 group fully manual and a Lamarzzoco linia... both are pretty hot.

I love the GB/5 but it's a little leaky sometimes.

My favorite beans are always changing. The Ugly Mug is a roaster too so I get some great stuff.

Last year I think my favorite coffee was either the Boloya or some micro lot Colombian we got in.

The year before it was either an Ethiopian or the COE Colombian.

For espresso my favorite blend is hard to say...
Last year I think it must have been Matt Riddles competition blend for regionals over at intelligentsia.

So far this year... best spro... I'm gonna say a Redline from metropolis I had was pretty great. But that one is more hit and miss.

Best coffee. We currently have a Brazil which is out of control amazing. It's very well balanced... We also have a very nice COE nicaraguan, but I think I like the brazil better.

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